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The greatest advantages to mobile pet grooming are no waiting time for your pet, no time spent in a cage for his or her turn, and no other pets barking to cause stress!  Your pet receives one-on-one attention from start to finish, cage-free!  We always use high-quality natural products to soothe your pet's skin and keep the coat shiny and soft.  We strive to keep your pet happy and healthy, and of course smelling sweet!  Call for an appointment 909-754-3449.

Starting Prices

Starting prices based on dogs/cats in good condition.  Additional charges may apply for extreme matting and aggressive behavior since that will require extra grooming time.


Small (up to 20 pounds)   $55

Medium (21 to 50 pounds)   $65

 At this time we are unable to groom more heavy-coated dogs such as Huskies and Chows.  The drying time is very long and your dog may do better in a shop with a larger dryer.

What do you get for that price?

1.  Nails trimmed.  

When a dog's nails get too long, it can be painful for them to walk, and in very bad cases, the nail can grow so long it can enter the pad, making walking extremely uncomfortable.  It is important to keep nails trimmed correctly to avoid serious problems.  Dewclaws can also grow into the skin and need to be trimmed.  It is also important to trim the hair in the pads so it doesn't get matted and make walking painful for your pet. This trimming is done routinely by Sweet Sue Mobile Pet Grooming.

2.  Anal glands expressed as needed.  

Dogs have small glands or sacs on either side of their anus, and sometimes these become full of fecal matter.  Is your dog scooting along the carpet, or is there a distinct foul odor that wasn't there before?  It could be full anal glands.  This is especially common in smaller dogs.  These are expressed gently during the bath to relieve the problem.

3.  Ears cleaned.  

We use an organic ear cleaner and cotton ball for ears.  We do not perform deep ear cleaning; this should be performed by your pet's licensed veterinarian.

4.  Teeth brushed.  

At Sweet Sue Mobile Pet Grooming, we do a thorough brushing of the teeth.  If your pet has periodontal disease, swelling of gums or loose teeth, this will have to be addressed by your pet's licensed veterinarian.  We do not treat pets for these problems.

5.  Full bath, fluff/blow dry and brush.  Your pet's coat will be evaluated by the groomer, and if there are any findings, such as fleas, sores or growths, you will be notified and recommendations will be given.

6.  Haircut as directed by pet owner

7.  Cologne, seasonal bow or bandanna

Good grooming for your pet is vital to his or her well-being!